burn1 [bʉrn]
burned or burnt, burning [ME brennen, bernen, burnen < ON & OE: ON brenna, to burn, light; OE bærnan, to kindle (akin to Goth brannjan, to cause to burn) & beornan, to be on fire, metathetic < Gmc * brinnan < IE * bhre-n-u- < base * bhereu-, to boil forth, well up > BOURN1, BREAD, L fervere, Welsh brydis, to boil]
1. to set on fire or subject to combustion, as in order to produce heat, light, or power
2. to destroy by fire
3. to put to death by fire
4. to injure or damage by fire or something with the effect of fire, as intense heat, friction, or acid; scorch, singe, scald, etc.
5. to consume as fuel [to burn much gasoline]
6. to transform (body fat, etc.) into energy by metabolism
7. to sunburn
8. to brand
9. to cauterize
10. to harden or glaze (bricks, pottery, etc.) by fire; fire
11. to cause by fire, heat, etc. [to burn a hole in a coat]
12. to cause a sensation of heat in [the horseradish burns the throat]
13. to use (candles, lights, heaters, etc.) [Informal]
14. Comput.Comput. Informal to copy (data, a digital sound file, etc.) onto (a compact disc) by means of a laser
15. Slang to electrocute
16. Slang
a) to cheat, swindle, or rob
b) to cause to suffer through misplaced trust or confidence: usually used in the passive
1. to be on fire; flame; blaze
2. to undergo combustion
3. to give out light or heat; shine; glow
4. to be destroyed by fire or heat
5. to be injured or damaged by or as by fire or heat; become scorched, singed, etc.
6. to die by fire
7. to feel hot
8. to be excited or inflamed, as with desire, anger, etc.
9. Slang to be electrocuted
1. an injury or damage caused by fire, heat, radiation, wind, caustics, etc.: in medicine, burns are classified as first-degree burn, reddening, second-degree burn, blistering, and third-degree burn, destruction of the skin and the tissues under it
2. the process or result of burning, as in brick making
3. a single firing of a rocket or thruster on a space vehicle
burn down
to burn to the ground
burn in
to darken (certain areas on a print produced from a photographic negative) by exposing them to more light
burn out
1. to cease burning through lack of fuel
2. to disintegrate or wear out by heat from friction, etc.
3. to destroy the home, business, etc. of by fire
4. to exhaust (oneself) or become exhausted from overwork, stress, or dissipation
burn up
1. to burn completely
2. Slang to make or become angry
☆ to burn
Informal in excess [money to burn]
SYN.- BURN1 is the broadest term in this comparison, denoting injury to any extent by fire, intense heat, friction, acid, etc. [a burnt log, sunburned, windburned]; SCORCH and SINGE both imply superficial burning, SCORCH emphasizing discoloration or damaging of texture [to scorch a shirt in ironing ], and SINGE, the burning off, often intentional, of bristles, feathers, the ends of hair, etc.; SEAR1 implies the burning of animal tissue and is applied specifically to the quick browning of the outside, as of roasts, in cooking to seal in the juices; CHAR1 implies a reduction by burning to charcoal or carbon. All of these terms have figurative applications [a burning desire, a scorching tirade, a singed reputation, a soul- searing experience, charred hopes ]
burn2 [bʉrn]
[ME burne,BOURN1]
Scot. a brook

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